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IMG_00001177_editThis week, we had the opportunity to catch up with North Carolina based musician, Gideon Smith, who has been rippin and shreddin in the hard rock world for decades.  You may have heard his music and not even known it, but now you can!

Smith’s style ranges from psychedelic space rock to gothic blues to doom metal to outlaw country, and his music is best known by his song features on such television programs as The Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy, Dog The Bounty Hunter, and several CW series.  Now you can get to know him, in depth, thanks to his rockin new website!


For Robert Pollard, the Voices No Longer Guide – Ricked Wicky’s “I Sell the Circus” – Stereo Embers Magazine


MY_SECRET_ISLAND_zombie_movie_webGerman, alternative/crossover band, My Secret Island, just released a brand new, self-titled album, and to kick things up a notch, they’ve unleashed a killer new zombie music video for their track “What Was Yesterday”.


Pittsburgh has long been home to the rap and hip hop scenes.  Rapper T.J. Ellison grew up in Pitt, soaked in the scene, and has poured his blood, sweat, and tears into his first three albums.  Now Ellison is out with a hot new club single titled “Like A Winner” that is some of his best work to date, and I had the pleasure of checking it out and helping get the word out!


Red Hot Rebellion Announces Upcoming “Melt The Sky” EP Out August 27th!

…. The name “Melt The Sky” for the titular track was conceived last summer when Tramontana became obsessed with nuclear bomb testing. Particularly of interest to him was Operation Starfish Prime, where the United State test detonated nuclear weapons in the upper stratosphere and lower outer space. Some of the test participants were said to be worried that the explosion might cause the Earth’s ozone layer to completely evaporate, essentially melting the sky. The thought of continuing with such a dangerous experiment was so completely insane and ballsy that Tramontana immediately began writing“Melt The Sky.” After the songwriting process began, RHR immediately left planet Earth and started to dabble in science fiction and space aliens. The end result is the concept story behind “Melt The Sky,” as told in the lyrics of the song…..
For more info on this cool upcoming EP release, click the link below!

One of my musical projects, Far From Eden, had the pleasure last night of playing with and hearing some cool new music by local acts: ButterFly Sting, Rachel Litteral and Dakota Wright, and my good buds in Element Earth!  

This acoustic artist showcase took place at Hank’s Pub on Patterson off Woodman in the Dayton/Kettering area, where there’s never a cover charge to check out some cool local music!  Hank’s features all different types of bands, from blues to metal to acoustic showcases like this one.  Though I’m always left wishing they’d put in just a couple of extra lights for bands (it’s not designed at all for live music), the “vibe” is always great at Hank’s, and in the last few years, it has become a hot spot in the Dayton area to hear some good local music, with friendly staff and a fun cast of other characters!  Last night’s crowd for the showcase was awesome, and they showed up in force to support their favorite acts and stick around for something new!  

ButterFly Sting opened up the night with some rockin originals and really started the night off well!  I really dug the 12-string acoustic guitar work by Wallace and felt his overall tone and skills were a perfect match for this trio.  The smooth, almost jazzy drum set up and performance by Jobe provided a really nice full sound without overpowering the acoustic guitar and vocals, and the rich, baritone vocals by Campbell really complimented their cover song choices and their original music!

I was also thrilled to get to hear Rachel Litteral sing and play guitar again. Her tone and pitch are beautiful, and you can really feel her passion for music when she performs.  It was great to see her and be able to have a show together!  Dakota Wright helped out Rachel with some guitar work on a few songs and then blew everyone’s minds with his own original music that was really fresh and different and showcased the multiple areas of talent and creativity and individuality of this young musician!  Expect to see his name again!

Element Earth always rock it out every time I see them, and last night was no exception!  Their rock-inspired, acoustic indie-folk style is unabashed and unpretentious.  I love it when they play a cover or two, but my favorites are always their own original songs which are well-written and diversely influenced! Not to mention, they are always a great band to jam with!

My crew in Far From Eden had a great time of course, and I thoroughly enjoy getting to play with them! They provide a special place in my little musical world, and I’m grateful to them!  I can’t wait to do another cool show with these awesome local musicians!

Check out this killer review of locals, Neon Warship (Metal, Stoner, Rock, 70’s, Doom, Psychedelic- Dayton, OH)!

“The highlight of this record is the progressive bent of the songwriting. Neon Warship takes a lot of chances on a lot of extended jamming, and this tact almost always ups the wow factor. What’s the craziest part of this whole damn experience? You can snag this for free right now on bandcamp. Better hurry before a label snags the rights up – a record that’s this smokin’ will not be free forever. If you are any kind of fan of stoner, doom or progressive rock, there is no reason in hell you should not have this sweet set on for a lengthy session.”

Read the full article here:

Grim State
Please take the time to read this awesome review of Illness! We can’t thank everyone enough for all the support and kind words.

“Beginning with a series of chaotic shouts and pounding, blood-pumping percussion, Illness wastes no time in letting the listener know what Grim State are all about: intensity. At no point during the entire duration of the album is the listener subject to any sort of reprieve from the incessant hammering the act has to offer. This is, in one way, due to the instrumentation throughout the album. “Unstable,” for example, is just that. Opening with a stuttering, stop-and-go breakdown, it is the closest thing to clean-cut and concise the album has to offer. Most of the time, there is a dissonant, sludgy tone constantly pulling and tugging at the listener’s ears, eroding at their sanity. Take “Torn” for another example; chaotic, rampant shredding which wouldn’t sound out of place on an early Every Time I Die album is dominant, while the drums pound and persist in the background. In one way or another, the instrumentation on Illness is always driving the album along, pushing it to go faster and to be even more intense than the listener previously perceived as possible.”

Link to full review: