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by Vivienne Machi, Staff Writer

If you’ve been to a local show over the past years, there’s a very solid chance you’ve noticed a man standing near the front of the stage, taking pictures with an old camera under a yellow Panama hat.

In fact, if Richard Brown isn’t at a Dayton show, the organizers might start to get worried. The Dayton native estimates that he’s been to over 2,000 local music shows since he started going regularly five years ago, and a couple of years ago, even squeezed in over 500 during a one-year period.

“But I’m cutting back this year,” he said.


Fostercore and Nate

I got a call from my friend, Fostercore, asking what I was doing on a Thursday night. Thursday? If I’m not checking out songwriters at an open mic, I’m probably either playing guitar ideas into the 8-track or sitting on my ass playing video games. There’s usually nothing great on Thursdays aside from the 14 open-mics around town. “I scored some tickets, but have no license. You have a license, but no tickets. Wanna have an adventure?”  Well, hell yea; who doesn’t? I did a quick check of music events on Music Connection Dayton to see what else was happening and made a mental note of some highlights. I threw on my nearly-clean Slayer T-shirt, grabbed my leather, and I was out the door.


Richard BrownYep!  We did it!  Recently, we found a way to get you 2 LIVE feeds (text and video) of legendary local music supporter, Richard Brown’s, band/artist videos!  We know that many of you follow Richard and watch his videos regularly on YouTube.  We’ve now added 2 great new features we hope you’ll check out!

The first feature is a LIVE RSS feed of his newest video uploads on our home page in the right-hand side column!  You can subscribe to the RSS feed or simply visit our home page and click on the links to check out the videos! (more…)