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Wham Bam Road Trip at the OE - Gild the Lily-0077Everyone likes a good road trip. so the good folks from Love of Life Inc took to the streets of Dayton’s Oregon District and headed straight to the Oregon Express for a fun-filled night of raffles prizes, good food, great friends, and amazing music!


Between (our music store), (the site for musicians looking for information about CD Baby), and this DIY Musician Blog, we’ve got a lot of places to feature awesome photos of the artists who use our services — like the one to the left of the rambunctious rockers in Nasalrod.

If you’d like a little extra online promo love for your music, here’s what we’re looking for:

1. Great live shots

2. Interesting pictures of you recording in the studio

3. Sweet pics of you just being a musician (life on the road, practicing, putting up posters, etc.)

Got just the right image? Please share the photo or an image link (with photographer attribution) in the comments section below.

If we end up using your picture on our site, we’ll give your band a shout-out on this blog and via social media.

Note: We’re not really looking for publicity shots — especially headshots — but if you’ve got one that is super compelling, feel free to show us!

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by Music Connection Partner,  J. Allen Laack,  of Laack Photography

logo“On May 25th, Generation 25 performed live for the 1st time at the Rock Star Pro Arena, in Dayton, Ohio.  It was an all-ages show, which mainly catered to an under 21 crowd, and this crowd was very enthusiastic!  While Generation 25 was playing some great original music, the fans got whipped up into frenzy and started a good-sized “mosh pit”, which sent me and my photo gear running for the rear of the fun!

This band has some real promise, and I would gladly pay to see them again.  They have some well written songs, are very talented, and even did a decent cover of some Rage Against The Machine.  These guys are surely worth the money and time to see live, and the fans will not be disappointed!  Be on the lookout for their next show!”

Click HERE for the link to the full set of photos!
Gen25@RockStarProArena_25MAY13.Final_004 (2)
Gen25@RockStarProArena_25MAY13.Final_009 (2)  Gen25@RockStarProArena_25MAY13.Final_012 (2)
Gen25@RockStarProArena_25MAY13.Final_018 (2)  Gen25@RockStarProArena_25MAY13.Final_019 (2)

Generation 25 Music & Video
Rock/Post Punk/Pop Punk
Beavercreek, OH

Pics of Four Star Revival at FHMCC 4/14/13 (9 photos)

Awesome photos of Blue Moon Soup by Buckeye Music Magazine! Check out the photos, the band, and the mag! You won’t be disappointed! 🙂

Pics from McGuffy’s at Melt Your Face Fest- by Nikki Forte Design & Photography