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For the second month in a row, local metal band, Horlet, dropped in as one of our top 5 bands for our monthly featured contest!  I checked these guys out last month and was blown away by the level of talent in their music!  Falling into the metal/melodic metal/thrash genres, Horlet is brutal but technical, with crushing drums and a fantastic fusion of styles, you should definitely give these guys a listen if you are a fan of any metal genre!

These guys just release their first album, “The Keys of Life and Death” and had a great showing at the Rock the Farm 2013 event up in St. Paris, Ohio last weekend! They’ve also got several shows booked around the area for this fall, so you’ll get a chance to see them up close and personal and get a copy of the new album!

BIO:  Horlet hails from everywhere in Ohio, from the sticks to the city. We are comprised of a lot of different music styles from fast thrash metal, old school rock, and Scandinavian melodic death metal influences. Through hard work and dedication we have successfully achieved the type of metal that has been brewing in our hearts. With a very stellar E.P. released in late 2011(The Children Of The Light E.P.), to the much anticipated “The Keys Of Life And Death” full length album, we are fighting to make our mark in the very competitive metal community! 
Horlet plans to stay, grow, and always keep pushing to touch the lives of every true metal head!!
SOUNDS LIKE: “In Flames”
“HORLET – The underground Metal scene is alive and rabid in Dayton, Ohio… and HORLET is one brutal reason why. Uniting the sounds of both old school Thrash and Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal, the influences of Slayer and (early) In Flames run rampant through the Metal sound of HORLET. If you’re a Metal band on the rise like HORLET is, these are the Metal legends you want to have rub off on your sonic Metal arsenal.” —  Stone,

“Just had the chance today for a really good play through of the new disc guys! Awesome job!! Great tunes, musicianship all while keeping it brootal! Love the interlude stuff and Keith’s recordings continues to push towards the major-label stuff!!!”  – D. Moore

“Hey guys, just dropping by again to say great show on Saturday. And thanks for the CD and sticker and whatnot. \m/ I honestly really enjoy your guys material and cant wait to see where it takes you.”  – The Dark and Bleak