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“From the consumer standpoint, recorded sound moves from the source (LP, CD, digital download) through player (turntable, CD player, smart phone) through wires, a pre-amp, another wire, an amplifier, another wire, and a speaker system (stereo speakers, P.A., earbuds). The biggest engineering challenges, and the ones that will make the greatest difference in the sound, are the ones that involve things you can touch. Your needle, cartridge, and turntable have to spin precisely and be positioned just so to extract information from the vinyl record. Getting all that to happen in a way that results in quality sound is really, really difficult, which is why you can buy a turntable that costs $90,000. Almost no one can tell the difference between a $100 CD player and a $1,000 CD player, but almost everyone can tell the difference between a $100 turntable and a $1,000 turntable.”

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The Myth and the Reality of the $43 Download | The Pitch | Pitchfork

IGNITE Sound RentalI recently was introduced online to Jerome Casinger of Ignite Sound & PA Rental out of Beavercreek, OH.   Casinger recently moved to the area and is excited to share his skills with a whole new musical audience, so he contacted me to see if Music Connection could help him spread the word!  For local musicians and bands looking for quality sound, here’s a little more about Ignite Sound:

What services do you provide? “We provide PA system Rental and Engineering, Sound System Design/Consultation, Professional Artist booking, and Event management.”
465984_4775488740770_919544213_oWhat are your rates likes and what equipment do you typically provide? “Our pricing starts at $150 and goes up from there, but I do have a standard rate, for indoors, typical jobs, which includes up to 16 channels, 4 monitors, and all the mics needed for up to 4 hours within 20 miles or so of Beavercreek. Outdoor gigs and larger channel counts are then bid accordingly and typically have a standard minimum as well.”


A little over a week ago, I had the privilege of meeting with Dawn Montgomery of local Dayton company, Razdabar Sound & Management, to talk about their efforts in connecting the local scene!   I’d been seeing postings in local Facebook groups about their networking meetings in north Dayton that made me curious, but I had also heard that these meetings mostly involved the specific genres of rap, hip-hop, and R&B.  However, when I met with local music & entertainment attorney, Melissa Replogle, in late April, she had mentioned that Razdabar was looking to expand their meetings to include as many genres as possible, so I got a hold of Dawn and we met at the Razdabar studio here in Dayton for a tour and a chat!