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One thing you can do for your Facebook page is to work on growing your audience reach (how many people your posts come into contact with) and number of people talking about your page.   

To grow your audience reach: 
1.) Have quality music and/or video available for playing on your Facebook page or linked in to your Facebook page from an external site such as, BandCamp,, Soundcloud, or YouTube.

2.) Increasing the number of times you post each week can increase your page’s reach. Facebook prefers that you post at least 3-4 times per week to keep your “Like” base active.  If you drop below this level, Facebook will make your future posts reach a lower audience and increasing the number of posts alone will not necessarily increase your reach.    At that point, you’ll need creative, interesting, newsworthy, and viral type posts to regain your audience reach.

3.) Active Links in your post will reach fewer people unless they are truly “viral” because Facebook automatically limits your post to less than roughly 10% of your Page’s Likes when you add anything other than text.  Active links occur when you add anything other than just text into your post and Facebook attempts to give a more visual link that is attached directly to your post (i.e.- photos, video links, other website links, shared items from other people and pages, Facebook event links, polls/questions, and milestones).   Unless these items are something that are truly viral and will spread easily, you should try to avoid creating these active links.
          a.)  Photos, Videos, Website & Event Links-  When you are creating the post and you add the link/item & Facebook attempts to add the thumbnail view link to your post, click the “X” button at the top right of the thumbnail preview link to remove it from the post.  Your post will reach more people (though this doesn’t guarantee more people will click on it)
b.) Sharing Items From Others Via Your Page-   Whenever you want to “share” something on your page that you’ve seen elsewhere on Facebook, the best way to reach your audience is NOT to use the real “share” button on the item you want to share.   The best way to reach a greater audience is to find the website link for the item (post/picture/video/ page/whatever) and copy that link into an all text post, making sure to remove the active link that is generated by Facebook when you enter the website address before  you “Post”.

4.)  Include social media links on your fliers/handbills and post them to as many free places as possible (Click HERE for the local list of places to post)!

To grow the number of people talking about your page (Likes, Shares, Comments):
1.)  See # 1 above  … quality recordings, both audio and video, will automatically help grow the number of people talking about your page

2.)  Create interesting and if possible, interactive, content and posts.  If you’re always talking about the same things, your audience will get tired of listening and will ignore your posts, so make sure to change it up.   MIME‘s can increase the number of people talking about your page, but may not increase people talking about your music – be careful how often you post them unless they are relevant to your musical style or your overall style.

3.)  Use the Poll/Question option on your page to ask your audience something they will want to answer and they’ll start talking about your page all over the place.

4.)  Pay attention to your Facebook statistics reports, and if you have shared or posted something on your page that has had a greater than average reach and some sort of viral quality, this is an item that should actually be “shared” (ignoring tip 3b above) on your page.

5.)  Post as your page on a regular basis–  (see increasing your reach above)