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By Peter Helman / March 19, 2015

Win and Will Butler of Arcade Fire and economist/New York Times columnist Paul Krugman headlined a panel discussion at SXSW today on the “celebrity economy in music” and how artists in the future will make a living.



Unlike choosing our individual favorite songs of the year, or collectively deciding what the 50 Best Albums Of 2014 were, figuring out what independent labels made the biggest impression on us was overwhelmingly easy. Our criteria was simple: Which independent albums caught us by surprise this year, and who released them? There are dozens of labels not included on this list that we have personal affinities for, but these are the six that we could agree had the most impact on both national and international underground scenes, and whose rosters made regular appearances on Stereogum this year. These are the labels that champion artists we’ve seen in basements and in DIY venues, or who we discovered on SoundCloud while getting ready to go out. These are the labels that we have to thank for what comes next.
6 Breakout Indie Labels Of 2014 – Stereogum.

We found this listing of most anticipated 2015 albums from Stereogum, and while there aren’t any Dayton area bands on this list, we thought that it was an interesting collection of artists, large and small.   There’s a good number of these that we’ll be trying to look for and check out through the year! Who will you be looking for?

“Here, we’ve listed 101 albums that we’re looking forward to hearing and processing and tearing apart. Some of these are albums with definite release dates and singles out in the world, and some of them are ghosts, albums whose existence has only been hinted at. If we know a band has been hard at work in the studio, then we figure there’s a good chance they’ll have something for us in 2015. This doesn’t always work out. Last year’s most-anticipated album, the opus that Kanye West promised last summer, still hasn’t come out. (Seth Rogen says the new songs are amazing, though.) (more…)