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logoblue copyMusic Connection – Dayton, Oh has officially been around for a whole year!  THANK YOU!     This last year has been amazing because it has brought me out of my shell to a community of amazingly talented and wonderfully sincere musicians and music lovers!   To those of you who stopped by to share something on the Facebook wall or like and share posts or sent me an email that you like the site and use it often… to anyone who has found new music or a new venue or a new open mic through our page… to all the amazing musicians who I’ve met over the last year, and to my friends, family, and to my biggest supporter (You know who you are) – you’ve been a HUGE part of what has kept me going and inspired and THAT is why you ROCK!   This site is all about sharing the amazing experience we call “music” and without YOU, that just wouldn’t be possible!

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Why You Should Attend An Open Mic

Posted: April 23, 2013 by Kimberly Weiss in Support, Promo, & Tips
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Click here a well-written, intelligent argument for why you should attend a local open mic! Looking forward to more posts from Steve Makofka!  Thanks for sharing Steve!

(Excerpt) “I believe that open mic events are music incubators.  They are developmental in ways that are similar to school music departments and performing arts organizations.  They have different pedagogical philosophies and values, but if you want to find the raw, bleeding, cutting edge of musical creativity in your community, go to an open mic.

Or better yet, get together with a group of your friends.  Appoint the most qualified person to be the designated performer.  Encourage them to schedule a time slot at an open mic. Then go with them and support their performance.  Art doesn’t get any more personal or community oriented than that. ”

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