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Unlike choosing our individual favorite songs of the year, or collectively deciding what the 50 Best Albums Of 2014 were, figuring out what independent labels made the biggest impression on us was overwhelmingly easy. Our criteria was simple: Which independent albums caught us by surprise this year, and who released them? There are dozens of labels not included on this list that we have personal affinities for, but these are the six that we could agree had the most impact on both national and international underground scenes, and whose rosters made regular appearances on Stereogum this year. These are the labels that champion artists we’ve seen in basements and in DIY venues, or who we discovered on SoundCloud while getting ready to go out. These are the labels that we have to thank for what comes next.
6 Breakout Indie Labels Of 2014 – Stereogum.

Jerry Seinfeld is arguably one of the most successful comedians of our time. Wealthy beyond words, he ran his smash hit show ‘Seinfeld’ year after year which snapped up countless awards and all without ever running short of material.

So how did he do it? The answer is actually much simpler than you may think and it’s a proven method to helping you effectively smash any goal you set for 2015.
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Smash any goal for 2015 using the Seinfeld Strategy – DIY Musician Blog DIY Musician Blog.

 4 Signs you’re not ready to sign with a Major Label.

Indie Bible January Newsletter – 43 places to promote your music & article on differences between ASCAP, BMI, etc…The contacts listed are sorted into FIVE sections: 

1. Publications, Review Websites and Music Blogs that will REVIEW your music
2. Radio Stations, Shows and Podcasts that will PLAY your songs
3. Labels, Vendors, Distributors and Promotional Services that will help you to SELL your CD
4. Websites where you can UPLOAD your band’s MP3s or videos
5. Helpful Resources for recording artists 

Music Promotion, Marketing and Distribution Newsletter – January 2015.

How NOT to pitch your music to journalists…excerpt…

[This post was written by Jhoni Jackson and it originally appeared on the SonicBids Blog.]

Pitches from brand new bands and artists not tied to a public relations company are unarguably the ones that catch the most skepticism from journalists. Sometimes it only takes an unfamiliar name amid an avalanche of emails from recognizable PR reps for a writer to pass you over. If they’ve actually opened your message, then any sort of blunder could easily cost you.

Does that sound harsh? It’s not, really. I can’t speak for everyone, but generally, journalists aren’t unnecessarily mean; it’s just that there is more music than there are writers. There are expectations about the quality of music, of course, but also the presentation of your inquiry. Outlined here are five general types of pitches to avoid, and the mistakes commonly found within them. Keep them in mind when getting your pitch together, and you’ll better the likelihood of receiving a response….

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5 types of emails all music journalists hate getting from bands DIY Musician Blog

3 things to boost fan engagement 3 easy and creative fan engagement ideas for 2015 – DIY Musician Blog DIY Musician Blog.

Stuff You Should Always Say on the Mic When Your Band is Performing on Stage.

Some of these “tips” are a bit overstated and it’s almost impossible many times to get in all of these things in one set, but if you can, most of these are good things to remember and try to implement!

RepAvatrNow that you have your music, what do you want to do with it? Probably sell it, perform it live, and of course, make a little bit of money. There are many ways you can accomplish these goals. These include selling your music in a store or online, licensing your music, and using a sponsor. When you decide to sell, license, or use a sponsor, the arrangement should be represented by a written agreement to protect you and your music. Here are some things to consider with each type of agreement:


guitarstogunstocks_logo_adjustedNew retail shop, Guitars to Gunstocks, in Springfield, Ohio recently opened its doors to feature store owner, Jacob Collins’, beautiful wood carvings, guitars, guitar repair services, and what he hopes will be one of the largest selection of local music and related merchandise in the area!

Later this month, Guitars to Gunstocks will host its Grand Opening Celebration along with the 1 Year Anniversary of its neighbor, Artistic Delirium Tattoos and Piercings! There will be great celebration day only specials, raffles for cool prizes, and live acoustic performances in the afternoon from area artists!


RepAvatrDisputes among band members are not new, and when they happen, they can be ugly.  Recently, STP (Stone Temple Pilots) sued former singer Scott Weiland, who then counter-sued STP for various issues involving their written band agreement.  The good news is they had an agreement to fall back on.  The bad news, of course, is that regardless of the agreement, emotions on both sides are high and this particular dispute may take years of court battles to resolve.