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They also discuss drinking, obsessive habits, and more

By Jeremy Gordon
July 1, 2015 at 1:05 p.m. EDT

Kim Deal photo via Facebook, Courtney Barnett photo by Charlotte Zoller


Nicky Kay Orchestra - Barrier ReefDayton musician, Nick Kizirnis, is no stranger to making cool music, and now, with the Nicky Kay Orchestra, his latest album release, “Barrier Reef“, proves he’s not stopping any time soon! Kizirnis has proven himself previously in projects such as Nicky Kay and His Fabulous Kay-Tones, The Nick Kizirnis Band, The Mulchmen and as a member of Guided by Voices‘ guitarist, Tobin Sprout’s, Eyesinweasel.   Now, on “Barrier Reef”, Kizirnis teams with former Guided By Voices’ and The Breeders‘ drummer, Jim Macpherson, to create an instrumental album that is fresh, soothing, and wonderfully fun!