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The Broken LightsToday’s shout out goes out to The Broken Lights! ¬† Last month, for the 3rd month in a row, these cats did an amazing job in our monthly featured contest and snagged 3rd place in August! ¬† That is some SERIOUS fan support! ¬† Because life is crazy, I did not get anything out for them last month, but I don’t want any of ya’ll out there thinking that you and your favorite band/artist won’t get a fair shake over here at Music Connection! ¬†Not to mention, I really can’t ever say enough about The Broken Lights, so today is all about them!

Last time, we gave you their bio and just a bit of a teaser about this young trio, so today, let’s dive right in! ¬† ¬†The Broken Lights have that classic blues rock sound and style… a little gritty… a little
saucy and rebellious… and a lot of feel-good, upbeat, licks with some seriously rippin guitar riffs! ¬†Their recently released, self-titled album has some seriously good production quality, but what else have they got you might ask? ¬†I’ll tell you… Every member has real and developing musical talent; I mean… there are some really¬†fantastic jams coming from these guys and they’ve got
decades still to develop their talent! ¬†They’ve proven they can write creative and original and fun music! ¬†They put on fantastic, high energy, and entertaining shows! ¬†They’ve got a potential star in frontman, “Tyler Cochran”, who seems to be a natural “performer”, but his chemistry with the other band members and their talented and solid support are what give this band it’s groove and attitude and make The Broken Lights a band to watch out for!


9/13¬†Taffy’s – Eaton, OH
9/20¬†– Z’s Food and Spirits – Piqua, OH

Play and GET music from THE BROKEN LIGHTS, HERE!


For the second month in a row, local blues rock trio, The Broken Lights, got over 150 votes in our monthly Featured Band/Artist contest and earned themselves some well-deserved free promo, but I’ve been a fan of theirs since well before they made it to the top ranks of our contest! ¬†If you haven’t seen this act live, you have definitely been missing some fantastic local and original blues rock!

Bio:¬† The Broken Lights formed in the summer of 2010¬†when vocalist/guitarist, Tyler Cochran¬†(age 20, Vandalia), got together with bassist, Andy Uzzel (age 17, Tipp City), and drummer, Zach Grove (age 19, Vandalia). After tossing around different band names, the three finally settled on ‚ÄúThe Broken Lights‚ÄĚ referring to a Beatles’ lyric in ‚ÄúAcross the Universe.‚ÄĚ ¬†The three of them soon found that they had a musical chemistry that none of them had experienced before, and the Dayton area has luckily been on the receiving end of that chemistry! ¬† The band has played many Ohio venues, not the least of which are McGuffy’s House of Rock and Canal Street Tavern in Dayton and The Agora in Cleveland. The Broken Lights won the Cincinnati Battle of the Bands at The Mad Frog in May of 2012 and has also played a ton of area festivals. The band is primarily a rock group, with strong influences from the blues, which can be heard in their original songs, ten of which were recorded on their self-titled album, released March 15, 2013.

Sounds Like: Cream (band), ZZ Top, The Black Keys, Jet, The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Since the release of the debut album, The Broken Lights have been working hard blowing up the local scene with shows (14 past shows between the beginning of May and now and 10 upcoming shows between now and the beginning of September). ¬†They are currently at #1 spot on the Dayton Blues/Rock charts on ReverbNation, and I have been lucky enough to have the privilege of playing on the same night with these guys earlier this year at J-Alan’s! ¬†Their set is full of energy and truly solid musicianship, and Cochran’s stage presence is already that of a well-seasoned performer. ¬†Being still in the prime of their youth though, I fully expect these cats to become great¬†musicians, but you should catch them while you can because they’re on a music mission and may not be local for long!!!

The Broken Lights MUSIC on ReverbNation
The Broken Lights SHOWS on Facebook
The Broken Lights VIDEOS on YouTube
For Booking or Press, contact Scott Uzzel at

Lyle Runner blazed a trail in May to become our Top Fan! ¬†He had some stiff competition, but he commented and liked and shared our posts and shared on our wall and really supported us all the way through May to win the top spot! ¬† Lyle currently performs in 2 local projects, Paradijm Shift and his solo (sometimes duo) acoustic act! ¬†Check out both of those projects on Facebook and give them some support, and I’m sure it will be returned!

Some great local acts volunteered their (only for sale) music as a reward to our May Top Fan, including Avian, The Broken Lights, and Cricketbows! ¬†That’s some serious awesomeness! ¬† To top it all off, we had a really cool donation from Miamisburg native, Chris A. of Chris A. Photography, of his book “A Vulgar Display of Power: Courage and Carnage at the Al Rosa Villa”! ¬† ¬†Lyle will be stocked up for a minute!

Paradijm Shift  Lyle


We had a MASSIVE vote for the June featured Band/Artist and had quite the battle, but in the end, Gathering Mercury, remained on top and won the vote!

This vote reached over 46,000 people, had over 2,200 votes, over 230 Likes, and had over 230 shares! ¬†It went so crazy, folks are still voting!!! ¬†Four bands received more than 140 votes each (The Broken Lights, Horlet, Chambers of Chaos, Black Cloud Syndrome) and the top two bands each had over 500 votes (Curse of Cassandra and Gathering Mercury)! ¬†We also had several bands reaching at least 50 votes (In The Cut, “Good English”, Gin-Soaked Angels). ¬†For such tremendous voting effort, Music ¬†Connection will be giving a shout out during June to all the bands receiving at least 50 votes, with special attention to our top 5!
gatheringmercury2 curseofcassandra thebrokenlights chambersofchaoshorlet

The local support was phenomenal,¬†which means Dayton’s music scene had a tremendous reach in the last week of May! ¬†Music Connection is proud to be a part of that connection! ¬†With that in mind, I’m proud to introduce the June Featured Band and tell you¬†a few cool things about Gathering Mercury:


* They ROCK! Everything about this act is really stellar! If you like rock and haven’t been to one of their shows, you’re really missing it!

* They’re fronted by killer young female vocalist/songwriter, Ashley Stacy, who also plays guitar!
* Their drummer, John “JJ” Mangold, is a budding phenom on the drums providing some mind-blowing performances!
* Quique Bucio’s infectious energy and tasty bass licks are always one of my favorite parts of their shows!
* Their newest addition, Mark “The Ogre” Burris, on lead guitar has been an excellent match with the group’s talent level and overall style!
* They released their 1st album, Where The Others Go, in July 2012 to great reviews, and they are hitting the local scene and building a great following! Check it and get it here:

Music Connection will be supporting Gathering Mercury during the month of June with cover photo promotion, a review of their music, multiple “shout-outs” during the month about their upcoming activities, and tons of song plays! ¬†I hope you’ll stop by and connect with them!

Be sure to tune into 91.3 WYSO Public Radio this Wednesday, 5/8/13, from 10am to 1pm to catch us giving an interview and playing a live set!

Click the link below for more information on their radio appearance. The segment of broadcast with The Broken Lights will begin at 12pm.

Also on the show:  THE Real Ohio Ghostbusters Movie Fan Club Network

¬†REWIND 4: Fourth Annual 1980’s Live Band Tribute at Canal Street Tavern in downtown Dayton Ohio.
Sat. 5/11/13
8:00pm sharp-2:30AM
ALL ORIGINAL BANDS doing unique spins of 1980’s classics, their originals and more!
at: Canal Street Tavern in downtown Dayton, Ohio.
308 E. First St
Downtown Dayton, Ohio
(937) 228-2450

Paradijm Shift
Violent Kind
Loveless Thrill
Reyna Spears
Fire The Drummer
The Curious Sound (members of Emma Woodruff And The Ruffians)
The Shoe Horns

HOSTED BY THE COLUMBUS GHOSTBUSTERS, AND THE Real Ohio Ghostbusters Network.They will be collecting for the RONALD MCDONALD CHARITY HOUSE, AND WEARING REAL LOOKING MOVIE COSTUMES AND PROPS FROM THE GHOSTBUSTERS MOVIES. They will also be displaying their own Ghostbusters movie cars, which will be parked outside of Canal Street Tavern for the event.

30 minute set per band, ten minute wait in between.
Fully Stocked Bar
Seating and Standing Area.
Friendly Atmosphere
Well Poured Drinks
Non Alcoholic Beverages available as well.

This is a DJ MisterKid Presents Live Band Concert
MidWest Promo and Concert Booking
(937) 239-2947
Facebook: Louie Wood Jr.