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The Keys of Life and Death, the debut album of Dayton metal band Horlet, is crunchy and tight from beginning to end. This cd has been in my player for a month now and shows no signs of getting stale! The heavy riffs SLAM, weaving lots of tandem melody lines and intricate percussion with great composition and production quality.


by Joel Naugle

Hanks Pub ‚Äď Josh Deeter‚Äôs B-day Party¬† 1.24.14

Close The Hatch –¬†Really enjoying hearing these guys play! They are an experimental metal band blending a lot of different styles into their sound. They have a lot of progressive metal as well: forging new ways of playing, having new ideas on what Metal should be, and taking it to the next level. ¬†At first¬†it sounds soft, and then the voice comes at you like a battering ram, letting you know it‚Äôs DEFinitely NOT soft. It reminds me also of other melodic metal,¬† creating a picture or a work of art within the music. Their music sounds surreal when they slow down the tempo and it features the great bass lines. Guitar solos that light up the atmosphere, and the drums are dynamic.
Band Members: 
2 Shauns, 1 Steve, a Rohr , and a Josh kill it when they hit the stage.



Flesh Warfare

October’s featured band, Flesh Warfare, is proof yet again that the Dayton area is full of young, impressive talent in all genres! ¬†Their online recordings, while recorded at their home base in West Milton, are solid, have a nice raw sound to them that works well with the genre, and are plenty good enough to realize that the talent factor is high in this band! My first listen-through today definitely did not disappoint, and any fans of old-school metal should definitely give this up and coming local band a listen! ¬†They have a sweet EP they’re recording now entitled, Fungiferous Malevolence, you need to be watching out for!¬†I know I’ll be watching for it and listening all month to some finger-blistering, ear shredding METAL! \m/

72715_502131313167862_1228596103_nClick Here to Listen to Flesh Warfare!

Band Members:
Reegan Wenning-Drums
Nash Walkup-Guitar/Vocals
Jesse Creekbaum-Bass/Backup vocals


Band Influences:
Type O Negative, Necrophobic, Death, Morbid Angel, Exodus, Demilich, Slayer, Megadeth, Pantera, White Zombie,Control Denied,Toxic Holocaust, Cannabis Corpse, Sepultura, Anthrax, Testament, Deicide, Dissection

Upcoming Shows: 
*¬†Tues., Oct. 8th –¬†Casa Demise – Dayton, OH
* Fri., Oct. 25th- Forces 5th Annual Halloween Bash! РDayton, OH

Booking: Call (937)-524-4368


Last month, I had a surprise when West Liberty metal band, Echoes of Empathy, rocked our monthly contest! ¬†I had to check them out right away, and that’s when¬†I realized that they weren’t¬†eligible to win due to our contest range limits, though they would have earned themselves a solid 2nd place finish! During those several days however, I discovered a band that has great things going on, including a positive and professional attitude as well as some killer music that I thought I’d share with you!

 While I got delayed in spending proper time listening Echoes of Empathy during September, I did get to check out their 2 online tracks as well as some video over the last week and am here to tell you that this is some tuneage you definitely need to check out!

The band formed just a little over a year
and a half ago, but they already have a solid sound and are currently recording their 1st album! ¬†They have a great older progressive thrash metal sound that’s mixed with ¬†some of the tones and attitude of newer metal bands, and their songs are packed full of high-energy riffs, pounding rhythms, grinding breakdowns, and brutal vocals! ¬†Head over and check out their page today! ¬†Give them a like, and tell em Music Connection sent you over! Then watch for them at an upcoming show in your neighborhood!

All shall perish, Unearth, White Chapel, Sepultura, Pantera, Bleed The sky, Metallica, Within The Ruins, Caliban, As Blood Runs Black, As I Lay Dying, Machine Head, Lamb of God

For booking, contact Andy Vondenhuevel

Echoes of Empathy on Facebook
Echoes of Empathy on ReverbNation

If you haven’t checked out the Dayton band Forces of Nature, you’ve truly been missing some great local metal! ¬†Dynamic, insistent, and insanely brutal, Forces of Nature brings the metal beat-down¬†every¬†time! ¬†I’ve been lucky enough to see this band live a number of times, and I know it’s always going to be a great evening whenever Forces is in the house!

Live at McGuffy’s

Every member of this crew brings mad skills to the table… from shredding guitar riffs to blistering drums and bass to old-school death growl vocals and primo backup vox. ¬†The high points of this project that set them apart from other local metal bands are the Dime-style leads by guitarist, Jimmy Rose, the counterpoint backups from Johnnie “Vladimir” Wallace, and their willingness to play anywhere and help out the local scene through various benefits and shows. ¬† This band is a definite “must-see” in my book!

Tate Moore

Jimmy Rose

Band Bio…
Forces of Nature started back in 2000 in Chattanooga, Tennessee and played all over the southern U.S. with their first album, Blood Moon (Crooked D Records), before relocating to Dayton in 2006 and starting over in a new city. ¬†Here in Dayton, they continued enhancing their sound and making in-roads with the local scene while writing and recording their second album, Pagan Warrior. ¬†They’ve melted faces at venues all around the area and have become entrenched as a local metal favorite now and forever.

FON tickets for Mushroomhead at Mcguffy’s on 10/31/13

UPCOMING SHOW ALERT: Forces of Nature will be opening up for Mushroomhead on Halloween at McGuffy’s House of Rock! ¬†Tickets are $20 and are available directly from the band. ¬†Proceeds help support their continued ability to write cool music and play locally for reasonable prices!

Contact Marc Godsey at Zeently Productions at (423) 902-7494 for more info or for booking or press.

Johnnie “Vladimir” Wallace

Marc Godsey

Shannon Godsey



For the second month in a row, local metal band, Horlet, dropped in as one of our top 5 bands for our monthly featured contest!  I checked these guys out last month and was blown away by the level of talent in their music!  Falling into the metal/melodic metal/thrash genres, Horlet is brutal but technical, with crushing drums and a fantastic fusion of styles, you should definitely give these guys a listen if you are a fan of any metal genre!

These guys just release their first album, “The Keys of Life and Death” and had a great showing at the Rock the Farm 2013 event up in St. Paris, Ohio last weekend! They’ve also got several shows booked around the area for this fall, so you’ll get a chance to see them up close and personal and get a copy of the new album!

BIO: ¬†Horlet hails from everywhere in Ohio, from the sticks to the city. We are comprised of a lot of different music styles from fast thrash metal, old school rock, and Scandinavian melodic death metal influences. Through hard work and dedication we have successfully achieved the type of metal that has been brewing in our hearts. With a very stellar E.P. released in late 2011(The Children Of The Light E.P.), to the much anticipated “The Keys Of Life And Death” full length album, we are fighting to make our mark in the very competitive metal community!¬†
Horlet plans to stay, grow, and always keep pushing to touch the lives of every true metal head!!
SOUNDS LIKE: “In Flames”
“HORLET ‚Äď The underground Metal scene is alive and rabid in Dayton, Ohio‚Ķ and HORLET is one brutal reason why. Uniting the sounds of both old school Thrash and Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal, the influences of Slayer and (early) In Flames run rampant through the Metal sound of HORLET. If you‚Äôre a Metal band on the rise like HORLET is, these are the Metal legends you want to have rub off on your sonic Metal arsenal.” ‚ÄĒ¬†¬†Stone,¬†

“Just had the chance today for a really good play through of the new disc guys! Awesome job!! Great tunes, musicianship all while keeping it brootal! Love the interlude stuff and Keith’s recordings continues to push towards the major-label stuff!!!” ¬†– D. Moore

“Hey guys, just dropping by again to say great show on Saturday. And thanks for the CD and sticker and whatnot. \m/¬†I honestly really enjoy your guys material and cant wait to see where it takes you.” ¬†–¬†The Dark and Bleak




Saturday, June 22nd, you’ll wanna to get to¬†McGuffy’s House of Rock in Dayton¬†where there’s gonna be 3 KILLER bands! 2 of those bands,¬†Chambers of Chaos¬†and¬†Horlet,¬†proved themselves to be serious contenders for Music Connection’s June Featured Band/Artist contest, so we’re hookin them up with extra promo this month! Check it out!

Click HERE for the Facebook event link!

*Ages 18+ w/ valid ID*
Doors Open:7:00 PM
Show Time: 9:30 PM
Tickets: $5 21+/ $8 18-20

This party is gonna be killer as Horlet is releasing their new CD, “The Keys to Life and Death” (available digitally now on iTunes, Amazon, iheartradio, and from band members), Chambers of Chaos is debuting their new drummer, Kyle D. Mayes, and Devium!




“HORLET ‚Äď The underground Metal scene is alive & rabid in Dayton, Ohio‚Ķ & HORLET is one brutal reason why. Uniting the sounds of both old school Thrash & Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal, the influences of Slayer & (early) In Flames run rampant through the Metal sound of HORLET. If you‚Äôre a Metal band on the rise like HORLET is, these are the Metal legends you want to have rub off on your sonic Metal arsenal.”


Can’t wait for the release? ¬† Get this BRUTAL 17 track album for just $9.99 on iTunes and multiple other services right now!


Chambers of Chaos has been rockin the Dayton Scene & has hooked up with an awesome new drummer, Kyle D. Mayes, who will be performing his debut show with CoC on the 22nd!

“Lighters & Moshpits alumni Chambers of Chaos emerged as the sunglass wearing, middle finger flailing, attitude adjusting, smirking Shaun Clark entered the proverbial staged ring as musical fists flew. Yelling the spoken word Hype train with plenty of pissed off attitude. They end slow, dark & melodic on the Kiss of Goodbye. CoC are not to be Pushed, played around with or pissed off¬†in any way, shape or form. Why, because they said so.” ¬† ¬†¬†– ¬†Mike Ritchie, Dayton Most Metro
Chambers Of Chaos

Engraved Darkness (Black/Death/Thrash Metal РRiverside/Lewisburg) has found a new lead guitarist in Logan Baker!  

Logan has been playing guitar for over 15 years, but he just got out of the Marines working as a biochemist and is new to the local scene! Now he’s here in the Dayton area and has joined up with the guys from Engraved Darkness to blow it up! ¬†They’re now busy recording and preparing to pay our local scene a big spanking! ¬†I can’t wait to check it out and have my earholes blown away!¬†

For MUSIC & VIDEO, click HERE!
Call Johnnie Wallace at 937-613-8071 to book them for a show!

Crucifixation is looking for death/thrash metal drummer to join their project!

In their own words:
“We play old-school death/thrash metal, although we mix plenty of other genres in (progressive, punk, tons of stuff). We currently have almost an entire album of original material written, and we’re stoked to get out and do live performances – but we need a killer drummer to complete our line-up. We have a vocalist, guitarist and bassist and we’re between the ages of 18 and 22, and would hope to have someone close to our age. We have some covers online to give you an idea, check out our FaceBook (which is also a good way to get a hold of us). If you’re interested or know anyone please say hey to us. We’re excited to get out and play metal seriously.”

If interested, contact Eric Bucio at:
PHONE: 937 239-2199

The word out this last week is that there’s been a lineup¬†change over at the Architects of Doom camp, and¬†they are now looking for a new vocalist/frontman!

Auditions will be held Saturdays and Sundays. Anyone out there wanna try out?  Hit them up with a message HERE!

Architects of Doom –¬†Metal–Thrash–Hardcore – Dayton, OH

Check out their music and video HERE!