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Cam’ron was charging his openers $800 per show to open his tour playing rooms 500-1000 capacity. Motley Crue charged their opener $1 million.

Source: Tour Buy Ons Can Suck On My Big Fat Ethics – Digital Music News


In this video segment from CreativeLive, music manager Mike Mowery (of Outerloop Management) answers these questions: How much should you tour? What is a band’s market saturation point? And how does this change as you build a bigger following?

Check out the video above for some touring tips, and check out “The Working Musician Playbook” course (which Mike appears in) if you want to learn more about touring, band management, building a musical brand, and more.

How much should your band tour? DIY Musician Blog.

You’ve worked really hard to create something, and now it’s time to let the world know right?   Hit up this short article with templates to write great press releases no matter what you need!
Music Press Releases 101

hi_res_promoFour piece, Melbourne based band, The Hiding, is out with a brand new single called “Run City Run”, which was mixed in the U.S. by Mark Needham (Imagine Dragons, The Killers).  Fresh off their “Wanting More” EP release in late May, the band has just finished a sweet lyric video for the new single and is finishing up plans for shows in the U.S. later this year.


A Musician’s Guide to Touring, Gigging, Booking, Live-Show Production, Concert Promotion, and Travel DIY Musician Blog.

Feeling burnt out?  It’s no wonder!  If major-label backed, chart-topping artists are having trouble, what does that say for the rest of us?  Is there an answer?  Click the link below for more and comment below with your thoughts about this problem. 
Digital Music News – Let’s Add ‘Burnout’ to the List of Artist Problems…

Local Dayton band, Agony In The Garden (Alternative Rock), is looking for a drummer, bassist, and rhythm guitarist!
via Mack Perry…
“Very serious about this, doesn’t matter if you have a bunch of gear. All the gear in the world can’t substitute a good strong player. Already signed to a label. Only have a couple of weeks to put a band together. As soon as we do we’re set up to tour across the states headed to California to do our EP, in the label’s studio. So we would need to get together pretty quickly to get the material learned. I already have enough material for four albums. If your interested, contact me at Facebook or Thanks.”

Contact Mack Perry if interested at:
PHONE:  937 520-1431