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img_24481Late in 2016, in my final interview with Micah Carli of Popside Recording, we discussed how musicians can get the best results when recording their music at a studio.  It was a great discussion that started in the realm of Do’s and Don’t and ultimately became The Top 5 Habits You NEED For A Pro Recording Session!
Regardless of how recording technology changes or the music industry changes in the coming years, developing these 5 habits will help give you the best results possible!


JUN 29, 2015

Gibson’s automatic tuner now comes standard on electric guitars made at the company’s main factory in Nashville GIBSON BRANDS

A Nashville instrument-maker has spent millions of dollars over the course of a decade trying to perfect a self-tuning guitar.

It wasn’t until this year, however, that Gibson, the brand behind the iconic Les Paul, started making automatic tuners a standard feature on most of its electric guitars.