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Justin_Willis_nothingbetter_cover_art Blazing a trail of powerful songwriting from the UK to the US and beyond, emerging rock artist, Justin Willis, has just released a lovely, new single called “Nothing Better” on Star 1 Records!

Bringing together power and sweetness reminiscent of major artists like U2 and Coldplay, “Nothing Better” is a mainstream dream!  (more…)

press2The new single, “One Reality”, is an exciting, upbeat electronica track from London band Ooberfuse that’s so hot it makes social consciousness sexy!  Mixing elements of the orient and pop on a digital soundscape, Ooberfuse has created a cool club hit, and it’s hard to keep from moving and swaying along with this song.  Why would you want to do that though?   It’s fun and fresh, dark and sexy, and much deeper than your average EDM track.


nimbit bannerHarlequins Enigma is a creative musical endeavor out of Norway and the product of mastermind, Åge Riisnes, who is creating mystical and electronica-based music spiced with many healthy dashes of the new age, trance, techno, space, and ambient genres.   Now Riisnes has pulled out all the stops with his new solo album, “åge – own compositions”, and his mini EP “voices from the ethereal planes of the rain forests”! Check them out below!

Solo Album: “åge – own compositions”
Mini EP:   “voices from the ethereal planes of the rain forests”


Motown Gold – Sizzling Hot Party Music! | UK

Posted: November 24, 2013 by Kimberly Weiss in Non-Local Bands
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Motown Gold offers a sizzling hot array of Motown and Soul music and are one of four party acts handpicked by the UK based company Ear Candy to perform at private and corporate events!

This act  has a fantastic set of music designed to keep their audiences engaged and happy for hours, including hits from artists such as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, Sister Sledge, Tina Turner, Ben E. King and many more!   Click HERE for Motown Gold’s entire song list and demos of “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder, “Dancing in the Streets” by Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, and”Reach Out” by the Four Topps!  Their high energy and entertaining performances are reflected in the tremendous number of positive reviews on Ear Candy’s website and the juicy tidbits of sample works and video on their site! (more…)

Junior Turner’s newest release, “Natural & Nice” is a rockin mix of big band dance groove with a touch of blues and refreshingly sweet lyrics!  This song has a cool horn intro that’s sure to catch you’re attention, but it’s the lyrics which are the heart of the song; a sweet, and slightly salty, story about how outward beauty can be totally overrated!

Click Here to Listen to “Natural & Nice” by Junior Turner!


With plenty of flavor, passion, and technical know-how, you need to go check out the hot, electric violin duo, FUSE, out of the UK!

linzi-stoppard4   Two multi-talented violinists and rock/pop legends, Linzi Stoppard and Ben Lee, are carving out a unique musical niche and an equally unique fan base with their incredible sound!

Some people might try to say that the violin is old news and no longer relevant, but FUSE proves them wrong every time with their electrifying and powerful and (mostly) instrumental renditions of well-known hits, including “Beat It”, “The Final Countdown”, and the anthem from “Top Gun” to name just a few.  While still staying within the style realms of more classical and “movie” type pieces that are well-known for violin, FUSE’s song selections allow the duo to combine old and new flavors into their own unique and modern sound!