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You can now vote for the 2013 Dayton Band/Artist of the Year Contest and play a role in who will win!  We have pre-selected our choice of bands and artists from our catalog  as options in the vote, but you can add one additional choice of your own!  You can also choose up to 3 options and vote once per day!

Voting will run from November 18th, 2013 until December 16th, 2013 at 9p.m.   Winner will be announced on Januray 1st, 2014.


* Final vote results will be calculated and posted on 12/17/13.

We’ll choose the 2013 Band/Artist of the Year based upon the following:

1.) the band/artist current location must be from Dayton +/- roughly 30 miles
2.) availability and quality of online recordings
3.) overall skill level of music
4.) quality of page(s) content
5.) personal taste of Music Connection- Dayton, OH
6.) reach the top 30 in votes received

In January 2014, our 2013 Band/Artist of the Year will receive:

– 1 promotional blog posting of 150+ words, including photos, links, bio, upcoming shows, etc.
– 1 Facebook ad campaign valued at $20
– 1 year listing on our blog as band/artist of the year
– 1 year listing on our Facebook page as an always featured Like
– band/artist image icon, winner notation, & details on our blog listing
– 50+ song plays
– cover photo promotion

Happy Voting, and don’t forget that you can vote once per day to help your favorite band/artist reach the top!

We have a lot of great local bands & artists in the Dayton area (+/- 30 miles or so), & we need your help to choose one for October! It’s up to you, Dayton, to support your local bands! Please vote, or add bands & let them know you added them!

* Open to any genre, band, or artist in the area!

The prizes keep getting better every month with your help, so here they are for this month: (more…)