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Last month, I had a surprise when West Liberty metal band, Echoes of Empathy, rocked our monthly contest!  I had to check them out right away, and that’s when I realized that they weren’t eligible to win due to our contest range limits, though they would have earned themselves a solid 2nd place finish! During those several days however, I discovered a band that has great things going on, including a positive and professional attitude as well as some killer music that I thought I’d share with you!

 While I got delayed in spending proper time listening Echoes of Empathy during September, I did get to check out their 2 online tracks as well as some video over the last week and am here to tell you that this is some tuneage you definitely need to check out!

The band formed just a little over a year
and a half ago, but they already have a solid sound and are currently recording their 1st album!  They have a great older progressive thrash metal sound that’s mixed with  some of the tones and attitude of newer metal bands, and their songs are packed full of high-energy riffs, pounding rhythms, grinding breakdowns, and brutal vocals!  Head over and check out their page today!  Give them a like, and tell em Music Connection sent you over! Then watch for them at an upcoming show in your neighborhood!

All shall perish, Unearth, White ChapelSepulturaPantera, Bleed The sky, Metallica, Within The Ruins, Caliban, As Blood Runs BlackAs I Lay DyingMachine HeadLamb of God

For booking, contact Andy Vondenhuevel

Echoes of Empathy on Facebook
Echoes of Empathy on ReverbNation