Our mission is to make it easy to find and connect with the Dayton area’s diverse and talented local music scene!  

There’s a dynamic, fun, passionate, and growing culture of amazing individuals and groups, right here in our own backyard, that most cities will never have the opportunity to experience!
You’re in the middle of something that’s important, relevant, and should never be ignored, so come and join us at a live show, listen to W937 Dayton Radio, find out all about Dayton music on our feed and our website, download some new local music, and tell your friends and family!


Kimberly Weiss is a long-time Ohio resident and musician.  She has been a vocalist all of her life and a member of several local area music projects over the years.  After completing her bachelor’s degree in Economics at Wright State University and spending a number of years working with local businesses, she decided it was time to really focus on and develop her art, music, and business capabilities.   Kimberly currently resides in New Carlisle, OH and spends her time performing in her progressive hard rock project, Far From Eden, providing promotional and development services for Music Connection Dayton, LLC, attending local shows and hanging out with family and friends.

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