This month I am lucky enough to get to promo an alternative/hard rock band I know extremely well, because it’s a band that I actually front called, Killed By Art!  Due solely to the nomination and support of Killed By Art fans, KBA caught 3rd place in Music Connection’s September Featured Band contest and earned some free promo this month, so I get to actually tell you a little bit about one of my favorite projects ever, Killed By Art!

Just 4 years ago, I was passing through life’s daily grind and doing nothing musically at that time, except singing along with the car stereo or in the shower, when I get this amazing offer to try and sing and front a new hard rock project, and I found I just couldn’t refuse!  I had found a fantastic new outlet of expression for myself, and after some lineup adjustments and song-writing developed nicely in the first year of the project, we finally established a crazy good 5-member lineup (Kimberly Weiss-vocals; Bill Kirkbride-Guitar; Nathan Goff-Guitar & backing vocals; Todd Panstingel-Bass & backing vocals; Brian Wise- Drums) and a name, Killed By Art.

Several members of our group have jammed together in previous projects over the years, so there was a natural rapport in the group which helped fuse our sound together nicely right from the beginning.  Even though we have some extremely varied and eclectic influences within the group, we’ve found a dark, passionate, and exciting energy in the music we create together!  We love to throw in a twist or two where we can and try hard to keep the music interesting and different wherever possible, for ourselves and for the listener.  Each week we have practiced together and every show we’ve performed has helped me grow as an artist and performer and has helped me “stretch” myself in ways I never could have imagined as well as meet some unbelievably amazing people along the way!  Thanks again to the fans who nominated and voted for Killed By Art this last month!  I appreciate the chance to share my band with you! Here’s a bit more about my alternative/hard rock band, Killed By Art:

Fusing the crunchy edge from metal & hard rock with the groovier side of blues, jam, alternative & other rock styles, Killed By Art creates music to express a broad spectrum of emotions. Original songs are the strength of this group with years of live & studio experience & various writing credits from many different genres.
Killed By Art came together in 2009 in Springfield, Ohio from several seasoned musicians just itching to create some awesome rock and roll! Starting with the driving rhythm section of Todd Panstingel on bass (Hotbox, Entrenched) and Brian Wise on percussion (Entrenched, Scrog) and the screaming, powerful leads of guitarist, Bill Kirkbride (Rotten Apple, Hired Guns), the band began to gain its identity. After just a couple of lineup changes, the soulful and gritty vocals of Kimberly Weiss (Far From Eden, Harm’s Way) were quickly added, and the band was complete with the addition of Nathan Goff (Entrenched, SNAG) on guitar in early 2010.

Since it’s inception, Killed By Art has played at various Ohio venues while writing their first full-length album, Habeas Corpus, which was released on March 17th, 2012 to excellent success and a rousing number of shows and new fans as well as fantastic support from local organization, Buckeye Music Magazine!  The band has spent the whole of 2012 and the first part of 2013 playing out their album around the Dayton, Columbus, and Cincinnati area, but they have also begun writing songs for a second full-length album which they expect to begin recording in late 2013 or early 2014.  Coming off a fantastic debut at the annual Wham Bam Thank You Jam festival in August 2013, the band is now focused on several upcoming shows and finishing up writing their 2nd album!

Buy/Stream Killed By Art’s debut album, Habeas Corpus, HERE!
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Upcoming Live Shows:
10/4/13 –   Club Panama – Springfield- For Love of Sonny Rock 4 A Cure!

10/12/13-  Oregon Express- Dayton – Indie Rock Showcase

10/31/13-  Canal Street Tavern – Dayton- Jeepers Creepers Halloween Bash

  1. Andy from Springfield says:

    Mfin’ Andy smile, Rotten Apple taste good when YOUR starving. Peace Mfin’ Rotten Apple


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