13043598_601371983345002_2646597579567833346_nWith the recent Limp Bizkit prank and the fun that ensued, are Dayton’s grime scene and rap scene ready to join forces for an epic Sunday show?  If his music and videos are any indication, we think it could happen next Sunday when NKY/Cinci rapper and Soundlink Studios artist, Mix Fox, hits the stage at Blind Bob’s downtown!

Kentucky and Ohio aren’t known for their rap and hip hop sensations, but Mix Fox may just be the game changer! Mitch Fuchs, AKA Mix Fox, is currently getting notice from such names as Def Jam Records, Atlantic Records, XXL Magazine, Hopsin, Waka Flaka and more! 

11004602_438724112943124_3074634448837419034_oThe industry loves to recognize rappers with blazing fast lyrics, and while this is a skill that Mix Fox rules with a wicked tongue, he also has all the grind beats, slow killers, and cool collaborations necessary to catch and keep your ear.

10632678_382463301902539_7825167924785563971_nHis debut mix tape, ‘The Mix Fox LP‘, is gritty, diverse, and totally straight real talk, and he loves to incorporate other genres as support for his lyrical rampage. You’ll often catch some softer elements of world beat, jazz, pop, acoustic, and other genres in the flow, and the more chill songs off the mix like “After the Rain”, “Boys Night Out”, “Long Way 2 Go”, “Dream Song”, and “Spotlight” contrast perfectly with the attitude of pieces like “That’s Life”, “It’s Like That”, “Envy”, and my favorite, “Might of My Mind”.


13557860_626866154128918_9204077796048781565_nMix Fox recently released a badass 360 video for his new single, “How We Roll”, off his upcoming mix tape, ‘Beauty in Darkness’, which was released this June in XXL Magazine.  The video features some innovative camera work, a great party, and a groove that doesn’t quit!  Produced by Kyle Schultz and directed by Tommy Morris, this video is a hit from start to finish! Check it out below!

Get to Blind Bob’s next Sunday and witness Mix Fox, one of the hottest young performers making his way in the hip hop arena, alongside a killer lineup of up-and-coming local talent as part of the Tritone Concert Series! C-Money, Cooley, Faith Baby, RG Stoner, and Wickedtones will all be in the house too! This whole show is gonna be real, down and dirty, so be there and raise the roof on Sunday night in the Oregon District at Blind Bob’s!


* This fellow artist is supporting our local scene right here in and around Dayton! Go check out their music! If you would like to help support this page and our local scene, contact Kimberly Weiss at DaytonMC@Live.com

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