Dayton Blues Showcase at Oddbodys
Oddbody’s Music Room is proud to present the Dayton Blues Showcase featuring Ira Stanley & Blues Power, The Doug Hart Band, The Noah Wotherspoon Band, and The Scotty Bratcher Band.

If you’re a fan of the Blues like I am, then you’ve been salivating waiting for this tasty morsel to roll around! This show features four of the area’s best Bluesmen serving up a healthy portion of the good stuff! Do you prefer your Blues Memphis style, or perhaps the Windy City Blues are more to your liking? Whatever your heart’s desire, Oddbody’s has you covered!

For the better part of the last 15 years, The Doug Hart Band has been a constant force on the local Blues scene, performing live shows all over southwest Ohio. Their sets incorporate free form versions of Blues standards as well as original compositions, and gritty, crunchy leads are the order of the day for this Blues powerhouse quartet!

The Noah Wotherspoon Band proves that big things do come in small packages. This Dayton Blues Trio packs a serious punch! Earlier this year Noah Wotherspoon along with his cohorts Bassist Rob Thaxton and Drummer Brian Aylor proudly represented the Gem City in the 2015 International Blues Challenge in Memphis coming home with a second place finish in the finals and bringing back the Best Guitarist Award. These Kats are the real deal and well worth the drive from Memphis or beyond!

The Scotty Bratcher Band takes aim at Oddbody’s with their patented southern fried version of the Blues. Signing with Nashville’s WBA Entertainment in 2014, Bratcher has already left an indelible mark on the Blues scene that dates back to his early years as a youngster of just 11 years old. His passion for all things Blues rings true with every lightning quick lick. This guy is a show stopper, and he’s landing right in our backyard along with Dayton’s Ira Stanley and Blues Power.

Need I say more?  Shows like the Dayton Blues Showcase don’t come around town very often, so you had better get yourself down to Oddbody’s Music Room on Friday, May 29th for this Blues showdown!

Tickets are available online NOW for a mere $12 or $15 the day of the show. Save yourself a few bucks for a cold one at the bar, and get your ticket TODAY! 

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