November Spotlight: Parental Bloodshed Asks “Who Wins? Nature or Nurture?” | J.J. Philips – Dayton, OH

Posted: November 1, 2015 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Music Connection News
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jjphilips-featuredimagewebThis month, we’re shining our spotlight on local author, J.J. Philips!  Earlier this year, Jennifer Joyce Philips, AKA “JJ”, released her self-published, sociological horror fiction story, Parental Bloodshed, and ever since, readers have been tortured by thoughts of what might be happening behind the closed doors of their all-American next door neighbors.

Capture3Parental Bloodshed poses that question we’ve all asked ourselves at one time or another; which is stronger- nature or nurture? 

At first glance, the Rentlaws appears to be a typical American family, but readers will quickly discover that secrets, murder, and cannibalism are the staple activities in this family.  The exception is young Sarah Rentlaw, who is caught up in a mystery that she must unravel in order to discover who she will become.

As children, and especially as artists and musicians and creators, we’re often told “practice makes perfect” and “you can be whoever you want to be,” but as adults, we’re told that how our lives play out is not always just a matter of practice or desire.  

Environment and experiences change us daily, and the support of our family and friends can make all the difference in our successes and our failures.   Thanks to science, many of us now know that there are certain predispositions within our genetic code that can supersede whatever nurturing
and environmental sources are attempting to mold us.

CaptureAll of this knowledge begs the question of which wins out – nature or nurture?  

On most occasions, it’s some strange, unfathomable combination of both nature and nurture that defines the decisions we make and the paths we take.  There is a spark within each of us though, some special gravity of genetics and soul, that can shine through and defeat all obstacles if we let it.

Many people probably told Philips that she would never write a book, let alone be able to publish it.  There were a million barriers to overcome, but Philips proved them wrong and did it anyway.  The result is not only a story that will entrance and fascinate those folks who fantasize about the darker side of life; it’s a story that will have you examining whether your experiences will define your life or you will define it on our your own.

Parental Bloodshed was officially released in March of this year, and being the avid supporter of local art and music that she is, Philips celebrated the release in her own unique style with a live concert at Canal Public House.

Pick up a copy of Parental Bloodshed at Clash in Dayton or online

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