17 Year Old Stunner, Sophia Radisch, Releases Sophomore Album, “Beautiful Sin” | Rock/Pop/Alternative – Canada

Posted: January 9, 2016 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Music Connection News, Non-Local Bands
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BEAUTIFUL SIN Album CoverWith a sound that seems well beyond her years, 17-year-old Canadian rock singer/songwriter/actress Sophia Radisch has just released her sophomore album called “Beautiful Sin” which will leave you stunned at the talent of this rising young star!

Sophia Radisch may be young, but at just 17, she already has a wealth of songwriting and industry experience that many musicians won’t receive in a lifetime!

12122435_1096806263676640_2357504502603513238_nSophia began her career in music starting at age 13 and has composed more than 150 songs to date!  She has already had original compositions used in several films and has worked with British Columbia Country Music Hall of Fame
Songwriter, Publisher, Music Journalist, and Producer Larry Wayne Clark. Her original music is currently being used in film, TV, radio, and commercials in many countries, including Canada, the USA and the UK.  Now, Rock Solid Talent Entertainment, LTD, in association with Star 1 Group, is happy to announce the worldwide release of “Beautiful Sin,” on which she is joined by Shawn Drover (Guest Drums) and Glen Drover (Guest Guitar, Producer) of Megadeth fame.


All you have to do though is just listen to a couple of songs off of Sophia Radisch’s sophomore album, “Beautiful Sin,” and you’ll understand why she’s considered an up and coming star!



11037882_1097771676913432_8177093315682264681_nSophia’s voice is tender, but it has a strength and passion of youth that will make you shiver!   Each of the 13 tracks on “Beautiful Sin” is composed with smooth transitions and powerful rock hooks, and the lyrical content from this young woman is reminiscent of powerful female rockers like early Jewel and later Alanis Morissette songs.    The new album also showcases a variety of rock and pop styles while retaining excellent continuity between tracks.

We fell in love with several tracks off this hot, new album, including “Give Me A Soul” which features killer leads from Glen Drover, “Raining Fire” and “Shiver” with their lovely dark edges and lo-fi rock grooves, and the title track, “Beautiful Sin,” is the perfect introduction to Sophia Radisch’s sound!

Grab a copy of “Beautiful Sin” today!






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