“Right Heart Wrong Time” Debut featuring Matthew Schultz & Alessia Guarnera

Posted: August 25, 2013 by Kimberly Weiss in Band Reviews/Promotions, Music Connection News, Non-Local Bands
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obollc6srxbngudzho7qbi1hwv39jqmnToday, I was introduced due to a thriving, new, non-local artist named Matthew Schultz who has a cool, new single out called “Right Heart Wrong Time (Part II)” featuring a beautiful and talented young woman named Alessia Guarnera on vocals.   According to Matthew, he thought Alessia’s “beautiful, amazing, earthy, raw vocals” would be a perfect match to his low baritone, and boy was he right! 

armandoThis smooth pop and hip-hop oriented single was written to be a great new age “Romeo & Juliet” type of ballad.  It’s more gentle, emotional, and sexier remix by producer, Armando Guarnera, is a wonderful contrast from Schultz’s original “Right Heart Wrong Time” which has much more of a Latin infused-dance-club flavor to it.  The keyboards add a nice richness and fill out the track between Alessia’s heartfelt and soulful vocals and Matthew’s core vocal line.  There’s also a nice touch of rock mixed in with some guitar lead part way through that rounds out a cool dynamic for this track, and I can definitely hear this song in as the main title or credits track to an upcoming film.  It’s big and dynamic and emotional… core characteristics for any leading track, and your personal media device of choice!

“Right Heart Wrong Time (Part II)” has been blowing up on YouTube with over 175,000 views since it’s upload on 8/22/13!   Check out “Right Heart Wrong Time (Part II) featuring Alessia Guarnera, here:

IMG_3243Artist Bio:
Matthew Schultz has been in entertainment since his teen years.   After playing guitar in Chris Daughtry‘s first band, Matthew developed a passion not only for music, but for performing and has had several parts in films (including a role in the Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises) and has been partnering with Ali Abouomar to produce and finance a multitude of films in the next five years, ranging from independent to Hollywood films.  Now, Matthew has gotten his hands back into his music and has been writing and producing and exploding all over the media. His digital footprint is gigantic. He has millions of views on his YouTube video “Money or Me” with Hip-Hop legend Jim Jones and has been covered by The Source Magazine, MTV, CNN, Skope, Hype Magazine, Social Magazine, CBS News, MSNBC, Starpulse and much much more!


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Artist Links:


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