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Teddy_Bears_Picnic_Front_CoverIf you’ve been looking for the best way to introduce your kids to the world of music, Kinderjazz has just the answer! This 12 member acoustic swing orchestra has developed a unique sound that appeals to both young and old and everyone in between!  Both stimulating and fun, their delightful new album, Teddy Bear’s Picnic, is an entertaining collection of blues, latin, ragtime, jazz, swing music and stories specifically aimed at engaging girls and boys under the age of 12 and helping to develop those minds into the creative and intelligent souls of tomorrow!


harpeth risingSince their formation in 2009, Harpeth Rising has been building a reputation by breaking down musical boundaries.

Their virtuosic instrumentals of banjo and violin mixed with cello and foot percussion create an exciting and unique blend of musical genres that include folk, rock, bluegrass, and roots music. Their original lyrics, conveyed through powerful three-part vocals, are both gritty and poignant.


obollc6srxbngudzho7qbi1hwv39jqmnToday, I was introduced due to a thriving, new, non-local artist named Matthew Schultz who has a cool, new single out called “Right Heart Wrong Time (Part II)” featuring a beautiful and talented young woman named Alessia Guarnera on vocals.   According to Matthew, he thought Alessia’s “beautiful, amazing, earthy, raw vocals” would be a perfect match to his low baritone, and boy was he right!  (more…)