‘One Word Too Much’-Dan Raridan’s New Solo EP Far From Such Things

Posted: October 18, 2013 by The Dayton Scene in Band/Artist/Project News, Local Music News, Music Connection News

DanRaridan Dan Raridan has a small notebook that he brings with him pretty much everywhere he goes.  When I first met Dan last year, he had the  notebook with him.  The book is one of those small notebooks with the spiral wiring.  The book has been rolled up several times, so the  paper and the cover aren’t flat anymore.  It appears that Raridan has the book for some period of time.  I asked him during our first  meeting together, and he mentioned to me that he uses it to write ideas that come to his head.  Events, moments in time among other  are the subjects that fill the notepad.  He even mentioned that he also has some poetry that is included as well.  Fast forward to now, I  met up with Raridan again recently.  We met at the same watering hole that we met at the first time (Tank’s Bar and Grill off Wayne  Avenue).  We both shared a couple of pitchers of Guinness (a favorite for myself and Raridan).  Another thing that was the same from the  last time we sat together to chat-that damn notebook.  It’s good to see some things don’t change even after a stretch of time that  shouldn’t been as long.

I have said this before-Dan Raridan has coyness to him.  His demeanor is eerily similar to what you expect from the typical stereotype  surfer (which he actually is)-very cool and relaxed.  Nothing seems to rattle the cage too much even if you try to.  When he talks, you  catch a glimpse of someone that is very introspective.  His stories are absorbed with thoughtfulness and reflectiveness.  He genuinely is someone that thinks outside of the box.

Musically, Raridan has dipped his toes in all kinds of different projects.  For a period of time he even experimented with working on some electronic dance music when he was DJ-ing.   He then started attending some open mics all around the town to try out his new material.  Along the way, he met local musicians Alessandro Cortez and Larry Smith and formed the band.   In 2010, Dan Raridan and the Calientes released their first album, Bus.  The album features a passionate blend of rock, punk, and blues.  ‘We Won’t Surrender’ and ‘Don’t Go To DC’ features some heavy guitar riffs that highlight the band’s electrific sound.

In 2012, Raridan went to the studio and released Give It Up minus the band.  The garage rock influenced ‘Would You Liked To?’ hightlights the beginnings of asking a girl out.  The moody ‘Sunshine In The Rain/Be My Love’ discusses losing the one that you love, and wanting them back.  ‘Dream With Me’ has Buddy Holly influences in Dan’s guitar play.  ‘Take This Ship To Shore’ has a Cali feel to it, with its laid back sound.

After the release of Give It Up, Raridan realized that with the vigorous work he put into the album, he decided that we needed to take a break, and get away from music.  For 8 months Raridan traveled up to Michigan and took up fishing, spent time with friends, and went snowboarding.  Unfortunately, he suffered an injury that forced him to not be able to do much as far as getting back into the groove of performing live in front of an audience.  The time though gave him a chance to start digging in and get back into writing more music.  “The time off really helped me”, Raridan says.  “I needed some time to get away.  After a while, I had a lot of songs flowing out.”

In September of this year he released a 5 song EP One Word Too Much for download on his Bandcamp website.  Much like Give It Up, Raridan dives more into displaying his dazzling talent of playing all the instruments.  ‘Fire From Me Fire From You’ is a slow rocker while ‘Only Son’ mixes electronic beats with a crushing guitar riff.

Raridan is starting to play shows throughout town, along with setting up sets in Columbus.  He plans to go to travel outside of state, preferably places like Michigan, North Carolina.  As far as his bandmates, Raridan doesn’t know when the next time the trio will be together again.  “I talked to Larry recently and he talked about getting together soon, but who knows when it will happen.  So, we’ll see.”

No matter what happens,  Raridan will continue to do what he does best-continue to perfect his craft…by writing all of his ideas in his small notebook.

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