Dead By Wednesday Show Review

Posted: April 22, 2013 by Kimberly Weiss in Show Reviews & Pictures
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Dead By Wednesday at Kuzzinz Bar & Grill in Troy, OH on 3/30/13.

Dead By Wednesday at Kuzzinz Bar & Grill in Troy, OH on 3/30/13.

of the Dead By Wednesday show on 3/30/13 at KuZZinZ Bar & Grill, written by Nathan Goff! It was a great show overall, and Nathan is supportive of the bands’ efforts while at the same time being constructive about certain elements of the show! An informative and interesting read! I highly encourage anyone who would like to review local shows to write something up and share it with us! Know someone who likes to write about local shows? Tell them about us or share this on their wall!

(Excerpt) “Opening act, Enkiridian, put on a great, aggressive set and got the show off to a good start. This was my first listen to this energetic act, and they performed well despite being the sound-guinea pigs for the evening.  Their onstage vibe was enthusiastic (though, the bassist’s stripping down to boxers midset was a cause for blindness!) , and a highlight of their hardcore material was singer Jeff Horner, formerly of NDEX and longtime fixture of the Piqua/Northern scene. I was further impressed AFTER their set, as the band stayed all night to support the other acts, something that is often overlooked by new or inexperienced bands! Isn’t it lame when a band goes first and then ditches? No weaksauce here!”

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