Debut EP from Babbling April

Posted: March 5, 2015 by Kimberly Weiss in Band/Artist/Project News, Local Music News
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With the release of their debut EP, Babbling April brings a fresh feel to indie rock by using ambiance as a model for melody, creating fuzz tone pop songs without losing the emotional platform they were born from.

The self-titled EP by Dayton-based Babbling April is split into two halves: at times the songs are upbeat with pure pop vocals layered over fevered bass lines and hard-hitting percussion, while elsewhere dreamy instrumental pieces teeter on the edge of shoegaze.

The first single “Sunny Day Records” makes a strong opening by combining captivating drum hooks and acoustic/electric instrumentation to evoke a true-to-heart classic aesthetic.

“Sunny Day Records is about driving around with a girl in the spring time,” says songwriter Dave New. “The song is inherently nostalgic, a memory of the excitement of feeling free and young in a new relationship on a beautiful day, in a 1993 Ford Ranger.”

Dave New is the mind behind the unique sound and songwriting of Babbling April. The project began as a one-man bedroom recording project until Dave moved to Ohio and joined local group Speaking Suns on bass, where he met jazz bassist-turned-drummer Stephen Yokley. Dave learned the ropes of playing the Dayton scene necessary to bring his bedroom vision to life, and brought Steve back on board to take the material to the stage. Lee Wise and Vivi Machi fill out the live act, alternating amongst vocals, guitar, bass, and keys.

Dave explains, “Our particular blend of influences is unique to us, not many pop records have an instrumental bent or a garage rock attitude. Our records will also have a distinct sonic texture in that our recording process was completely self developed. We use a certain palette of tools and techniques by necessity, so the end product comes out differently from what you may hear out of a given studio.”

The Babbling April EP is out now and the band is working on an upcoming full length for release in early 2016.


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