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fu-1-sybilka-storieFlying Underground is a Pop and Rock & Roll powerhouse from Cincinnati, Ohio featuring energetic riffs, sonically explosive guitars, and rebellious lyrics belted out with clarity, sweet melodies, and enough grit to get your engines revved up and ready to rock!

Coming up in just under 2 weeks, they’ll be burning down the stage at Blind Bob’s in Dayton as they hook up with local rockers, Me & Mountains, and this will be a blistering night of Rock & Roll that we really wish was here already!   


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After more than 23, 250 votes were cast in Round 1, we are proud to  present you the official results for Round 1 of the 2016 Best of Dayton Underground contest!


by Mike Emmons

1069330_10151787326564775_1786277357_nDayton is home to a surprising number of great bands.  On any given night, the music fans in Dayton have a number of choices with plenty of great bands playing at a number of great venues.  Many of those bands have a “must see” status, and one of the bands on that list is A Shade Of Red.